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Shamanic herbs are plants or parts of plants, like buds, leaves, stems, roots, pollen and so on that have been used or are still being used by shamans, tribal healers or priests in the traditional cultures of our planet.

Only a part of such shamanic herbs has ever been exclusively used for therapeutical purposes to fight disease. The best known, most popular and wide spread shamanic herbs - also frequently called ethno-botanicals - however are those ones that have been smoked or drunken in the form of various potions or eaten mostly in the form of small tidbits with the intention to stimulate the brain, to sedate the soul to enhance the mind and to widen the powers of imagination.

Many of these herbs have been banned in the last decades due to their perceived strong effects, but others with very similar properties are still totally legal.

It is these very special ethno-botanicals we would like to focus on first.

Have fun with shamanic herbs!

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